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Banned 3 Stooges episodes (1 DVD)
You Can't Do That On Television (Barth's Burgery version (best quality circulating...better than 12 disc set); 10 episodes + Worst Of YCDTOTV + UFO Kidnapped pilot (5 discs)
The Tommorow People (1970's version Season 8) (1 disc)
Best Of Battle Of The Network Stars (1970's-1980's) (1 DVD)
CNN Bloopers (1980's) (1 DVD)
Mr. T's Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool + Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast (roasting Mr. T) (1984) (1 DVD)
Police Squad! (1982) (2 DVDs)
Seinfeld Bloopers (1980's-1990's) (1 DVD)
Heat Vision And Jack pilot (1999) (1 DVD)
Playboy's Roller Disco and Pajama Party (1979) + Playboy's 25th Anniversary Celebration (1980) (with original commercials) (1 DVD)
Dinah Shore Show Comp. - Weird Celebrities + Celebrities On Drugs (1 DVD)
Geraldo Rivera: "Hate Mongers" (1988) (this is the famous show where Geraldo gets his nose broken) (1 DVD)
Geraldo Rivera: "Porn Stars & Their Families" (w/Ron Jeremy & Nina Hartley) + "Death Of A Porn Queen: The Shauna Grant Story" (1 DVD)
Geraldo Rivera Special: "Devil Worship - Exposing Satan's Underground" (w/Ozzy Osbourne) (1 DVD)
Rock N' Roll Sports Classic (1977) + The Runaways 6/77 Japan (1 DVD)
The Wonder Years (entire series) (7 DVDs)
Nickelodeon Mix Tape (Compilation DVD of various rare nick stuff...Family Double Dare, Fifteen, 2 Kablam! Episodes, Legends Of The Hidden Temple, Nick Arcade, Roundhouse, and Weinerville Halloween Special. Also includes 8 90's commercials/bumpers and a short film "Inside Out Boy At The Science Fair") (1 DVD)
Harlem Globetrotter's Popcorn Machine (1 episode, B&W, W/O/C) (1 DVD)
Kids Incorporated With a young Jennifer Love Hewitt (3 episodes) + 1983 ABC Saturday Morning Preview (1 DVD)
David Letterman on Various TV Shows (includes pilot episode of Riddles where he hosts) (1 DVD)
Turkey TV (1 episode) (1 DVD)
10/29/84 CBS Monday night: Kate & Allie & Newhart W/O/C + 11/1/84 NBC Thursday night: Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court, Hill Street Blues W/O/C (1 DVD)
Brain Games (1 DVD)
Beta Max Memories (old network bumpers, promos, etc.) (1 DVD)
Perfect Strangers + More Xmas TV shows (1 DVD)
TV Commercials – Cheezy 80’s Commercials (1 DVD)
TV Commercials – After These Messages… Vol. 1 – 80’s Food & Network Promos (1 DVD)
TV Commercials – After These Messages… Vol. 2 – 80’s Boy Toys (1 DVD)
TV Commercials – After These Messages… Vol. 5 – 80’s Candy & Cereal (1 DVD)
TV Commercials – After These Messages… Vol. 6 – 80’s Food And Network Promos Pt. 2 (1 DVD)
TV Commercials – After These Messages… Vol. 7 – 80’s PSAs & Toys (1 DVD)
Time For Timer PSAs (1 DVD)
Saturday Morning Commercials Vol. 1 (1981-1983) (1 DVD)
Saturday Morning Commercials Vol. 2 (1978, 1982-1986) (1 DVD)
1980's TV Commercials (6 DVDs)
Classic Kids TV Commercials (over 75 commercials!) (1 DVD)

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